First Day Walking Again in the Gait Harness System II!

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“I don’t think people realize how important walking and being upright is. This is going to be life changing!”

“The Gait Harness System II came today and we just test drove it. It’s been great.  Bill walked for 25 minutes today. I’ve also had him doing stand up sessions in the house. He hasn’t been able to cook in ages!

“The best part… today he had a bad day and his knees kept buckling. Normally that would mean a day of sitting. But we were still able to exercise safely thanks to the Second Step. So grateful.”

Cate H., mother of neurological issue user, Utah

Watch for more of Bill’s  progress updates!

David Dubats, Founder, Second Step, Inc.

Please visit to find out more about the results oriented, clinically proven Gait Harness System® (GHS) and NEW Gait Harness System® II (GHSII). Many severely injured individuals who are using the GHS, and who were unable to walk in the 5, 10 and 20 plus years post their injuries, are now beginning to stand and walk again for the first time. The GHS helps individuals regain healthy functioning after challenges due to spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebellar degeneration, orthopedic, neurological, lower extremity amputation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other ambulation, gait and balance rehabilitation issues. The GHS is used world-wide in a broad spectrum of out-patient, in-patient, and home enriched environments.

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