Multiple Sclerosis: Why You Feel the Way You Do


Published by Everyday Health, Medical Adviser: Lauren Krupp, MD Written By: Alyssa Etier

MS can affect a number of functions, from movement to sensations to thought and speech. Which symptoms you experience — and whether they progress or go into remission — is unique to you. Understanding your MS requires a closer look at two important body systems:


This is the body’s control system. Comprised of the brain and spinal cord, it sends and receives messages from the rest of the body through a network of neurons. Those neurons have a protective myelin sheath that helps with quick, efficient conductivity of signals.


The immune system attacks foreign invaders to keep you healthy. But with MS, immune cells mistakenly invade the brain and spinal cord, damaging myelin and, to some degree, myelin-producing cells (oligodendrocytes) and the neuron itself. As the body tries to contain this damage from spreading, scar tissue — called a lesion, or plaque — forms.


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